Mulching Films

Film in low density polyethylene grade. The main feature of these films is the total opacity to light radiation which allows, once in place, to prevent the emergence of weeds and keep the soil moist below. Types available: Neutral – Black – Black White – Black Silver – Green.

Neutral: it allows the heating of the soil and the root system, improving water balance, sanitation and cleaning fruits.

Black:  weed control, partial heating of the soil and roots.

Black White: co-extruded film, especially suitable for field crops with minor burns and minor irrigation needs of plants.

Black silver: as characteristics of the film black white with addition of better protection to plant by aphids..

Green: Photo-selective, produced with special pigments that native ability to confer unique absorption (and not dye mixtures)

Geablack: black film produced with high quality raw materials especially suitable for mulching inside greenhouses, with high resistance to tearing and perforation.

On request these films can be supplied perforated.
Thickness from 0.04 mm to 0.10 mm
Width from 60 cm to 520 cm
Cm diameter holes 3, 6, 8, 10.