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Green house effect:

Photocatalyst Films with Katalite


Films for greenhouses with photo-catalytic action
Co-extruded film containing a special additive covered by World Patent with Dynamic Photo-Catalytic-based nanotechnology. Innovative Actions compared with traditional films:
Transformation of the light radiation incoming> Sensible improvement of growth environment for plants and for the operators
Super-Hydrophilic effect> Splitting of the molecule of water condensation: drastic reduction in humidity in the greenhouse
Disinfection> Drastic reduction of Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses due both to the direct action of Photo-catalyst both for the reduction of the moisture
Ecology> Best Workplace and growth for plants


Photo-catalysis is a phenomenon in which a substance, the photo-catalyzer, alters the speed of a chemical reaction through the action of light. This phenomenon was discovered in 1972 by Fujshima and Honda, which had set out to split water by the action of sunlight (photo-electrolysis), in analogy to what plants do through photosynthesis.