Total transmittance
Direct light:
Diffuse light:
Greenhouse effect:

Diffracted light thermal films


FILM for greenhouses extremely Thermal and diffracted light properties
Diffracted Light Film with UNBEATABLE Greenhouse Effect compared with any other film on the market (including PVC)
Max Light + Max Thermicity guaranteed both in small Tunnel both in Tunnel-Greenhouse
Film consisting of PE + EVA + Additive> Complete recyclability landfill
Max ECONOMY ‘> Max Agronomic Results and Extreme Ease of Use


Additivato: for the duration of a agronomic campaign, can be delivered with Anti-drip, allowing you to reduce the effect of condensation night.

Long Life: two agronomic campaigns, thickness 180/200 micron

Long life 33 months: three agronomic campaigns, thickness 180/200 micron

Rolls Size: maximum width mt. 14. Weight up to kg. 1000