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Direct light:
Diffuse light:
Green house effect:

Diffuse light thermal films

Film produced with LOW EVA co-polymer content with addition of special additives such as to induce a particular diffusion of light radiation. This formulation gives the film a good greenhouse effect and allows to obtain optimal conditions inside the greenhouse.


Film produced with MEDIUM EVA co-polymer content added with special mineral fillers that give it a very high greenhouse effect and allow to obtain a balanced spread of light. The above characteristics mean that the phenomena of vegetative retainer are reduced to a minimum.

Additivato: for the duration of a agronomic campaign, can be delivered with Anti-drip, allowing you to reduce the effect of night water condensation.

Long Life: two agronomic campaigns, thickness 180/200 micron

Long Life 33 months: three agronomic campaigns, thickness 180/200 micron

Rolls Size: maximum width mt. 14. Bobinoni up to kg. 1000