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Direct light:
Diffuse light:
Green house effect:

Direct light thermal films


Film having very high strength and excellent light transmittance based on low density polyethylene to LOW vinyl acetate content (EVA).


Film having high strength and excellent light transmittance based on low density polyethylene and MEDIUM vinyl acetate content (EVA)
The Films Special Eva and Eva Super Bright are highly suitable especially in those areas where crops need a greenhouse effect higher than the standard PE film.


Thermal film produced with HIGH EVA co-polymer content.

It is formulated for covering crops which, as well as requiring a high irradiation, are more sensitive to cold temperatures and temperature changes. The film has high optical, mechanical properties such as high greenhouse effect.

These films are produced in two versions:
Additivato: for the duration of a campaign agronomic, can be delivered with anti-drip, allowing you to reduce the effect of night condensation.

Long Life: two agronomic campaigns, thickness 180/200 micron

Long Life 33 months: three agronomic campaigns, thickness 180/200 micron

Film Size: maximum width mt. 14. Bobinoni up to kg. 1000